Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A New Smartphone

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In this article we will be covering the most important aspects that you need to look for when you plan to purchase a new smartphone in 2021. There are hundreds of guides out there that will help you to look at a phone from the specifications point of you but rarely you will find an article or a video that will help you find the right phone for your need.

 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2021

 In this article we are able to cover exactly that!

For office users

In this category there are several smart phones in the market today that will help you cater to your need. The main focus here would be e the display for typing assistance. I would recommend going with an Android when compared to an IOS Android does provide you a lot of reliable app features that can help your date today an office work without any pressure.

Any smartphone with more than 4000 mah battery under 6 inch screen topped with Gorilla Corning glass  will do the trick for you

For social media light users

In this category the major focus ideally falls on the camera especially the selfie camera.

 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2021

In today’s market there are quite good offerings that provide selfie cameras that are above 13 MP with autofocus feature. For top and variance some smartphones to offer more than 20 megapixel selfie camera but they are slightly expensive.

With regards to battery life any social media light user could do with 4000 mah battery. This will suffice for almost days’ worth of social media interactions.

So you can very well stick with the above specification as almost all the smartphones today offer the same processing power.

For social media heavy users

In your case any smartphone with 6.5 inch full HD display back with Gorilla Corning glass and 5000 mah battery will do the trick.

 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2021

From processing perspective not much difference can be seen in today’s smartphones but if you have heavy video editor to be done on your smartphone then I would prefer you to go with a quad core enabled processor like Samsung galaxy series which gives you Exynos variant.

You would also so would prefer to go with a smartphone with gives you fast charging capabilities so that you don’t have to spend hours charging your phone.

Likewise a 4GB to 6 GB RAM with the 64 GB to 128 GB storage space will be quite sufficient for your utility. Most of the Samsung smartphones today in the galaxy series comes with an upgradable or expandable storage facility that can be expanded up to 512 GB.

With respect to the camera, the primary setup I really should have at least 20 megapixel main camera with 8 megapixel wide angle lens and 5 megapixel depth sensing lens.

Users looking for premium features

If you are user who expects ultra-premium features on your phone and would like to use this smartphone for at least two years then this is your category.

Any smartphone with at least 6.5 inch full HD display along with super AMOLED screen offers the best in the market right now. Check out the bezel-less options as well.

 Best Smartphone To Buy In 2021

With respect to cameras these premium segment comes with quad camera setup which enables the users with 4K recording and super slow motion captures. Anywhere between 45 MP and 108 MP the primary camera offers the best premium service in the market.

With respect to performance top end phones offer anything between 6 GB to12 GB of RAM and 128 GB to 1TB of storage space. Either a quad core or octa core processor.

From the usability point of you and ip67 rating ads splash proof feature to your phone. From the build perspective most of these high end phone are are glass screen based which will give you the most premium look in the market. With respect to the fingerprint sensor these high end smartphones comes with in display a fingerprint sensor.

Wait did you Know?

Before entering to the last category of users we are here to talk about what should be done if you accidentally damage your phone. The best place to go to nearby authorized service center but if you can’t find one and if you are in India then the best place to go for smartphone servicing and repair is Firstcall technologies. The city of Chennai Firstcall has more than eight branches that cater to smartphone repair service laptop repair tablet repair. They do offer 12 hour service guarantee along with free pickup and drop facility.

Do check them out

And finally

The super up beat premium uses

This category e of users would usually find the brand name to be the most relevant to the purchase decision. If you are in this category and are ready to spend upwards of 1 lakh rupee on a smartphone then you have a very few choices to look at

I would rather recommend you to go with apple as they are the ones that cater to this category of users.

Put respect to the features they do offer a competitive benchmark when compared to Samsung high end smartphones. From reliability point of you they do also have an update secured systems that will help you in privacy.

Hope you have found which category of user you fall into. Good luck purchasing your new phone.

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